Why Do Air Mattresses Get Holes?

Why Do Air Mattresses Get Holes?

Air mattresses are incredibly useful for those looking to enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep away from the home.

Why Do Air Mattresses Get Holes?

They’re an affordable option for those looking to add a bit of luxury to camping trips, but they can also be used to provide you with additional sleeping arrangements if you need to host unexpected guests. However, if you use your air mattress regularly enough, you are probably going to have to deal with punctures and air leaks at some point. This is even more likely if you use your air mattress outdoors when camping. Thankfully, keeping on top of minor damage is fairly easily, ensuring you can use your air mattress for as long as possible.

Common Causes of Air Mattress Punctures

If your air mattress has sustained damage during a camping trip, the cause is most likely stony ground. Even when placed within a tent with a firm ground sheet, the underside of your mattress is going to be exposed to rough terrain and sharp edges. To prevent the chance of a puncture, think about adding a secondary ground sheet to the base of your tent. You may also want to encase the bottom of your air mattress with additional bedding to provide an extra layer of protection.

The vinyl material of your mattress can also rupture if it experiences dramatic changes in temperature. This is usually only an issue if using your air mattress outdoors where temperatures are more likely to swing between extremes. Constant shifts in temperature extremes can damage the integrity of the vinyl, making it more prone to tears and punctures.

You should also focus on the material surrounding the gasket of your air mattress. These sections of vinyl are prone to regular stresses, so are more likely to become susceptible to damage. When connecting pumps or manually inflating your air mattress, be extra careful to ensure you are not causing any superficial damage to the vinyl in the vicinity of the gasket.

Carrying Out Air Mattress Repairs

Even if you are extra cautious when handling your air mattress, you are likely to encounter punctures at some point. No matter where you are using your air mattress, you should have sufficient materials to hand to carry out a repair. Most air mattresses come with a patch repair kit so you can take care of small holes in moments. However, purchasing additional vinyl repair kits is always a good idea. In a pinch, you can always use everyday materials to carry out a temporary fix. Heavy-duty electrical tape is particularly effective at repairing holes in vinyl material, although PVC tape is a better option if you’re looking for a watertight seal.

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