Zen Float Tank

Zen Float Tank Review | Reviews & Buyer’s Guide 2022

The Zen Float Tent proved you can enjoy floating at home on a budget. However, this minimal design will not accommodate the demanding requirements of every floater. If you are looking for more premium functionality and a broader range of features than the Zen Float Tent offers, you will definitely want to consider the Zen Float Tank. The user-friendly assembly and relatively compact dimensions making it well-suited to domestic settings, but there are top-tier features here usually only found with tanks used in commercial environments.

Design Details

Perhaps the biggest advantage of the Zen Float Tank over the more affordable Zen Float Tent is the materials used. Drop stitch technology is the key advancement behind the design and construction of this tank. The material here is the same you sort used to construct outdoor recreational equipment, giving you an idea of its durability and waterproof performance. Once fully inflated, the PVC material provides you with a secure shell for your flotation tank that will endure almost any shock or impact. Once inflated, this tank is also fairly portable, provided you have installed it atop a smooth surface with minimal traction.

The Zen Float Tank looks fairly similar to the Zen Float Tank upon first inspection. Both float systems feature a vaguely pyramidal shape, although that is far more pronounced here. As with the tent, this conical shape serves a very important purpose. The slanted roof means that condensation will simply drip down to the walls of the interior, rather than drip down directly onto the floater. If you want few distractions and intend on making the most of your sensory deprivation experience, this slanted ceiling will prove very handy.

The Zen Float Tank also has a slight size advantage over its cheaper alternative. Although the exterior dimensions look fairly similar, you are provided with more internal floating space. This is most notable when it comes to the width of the floating chamber, with two extra inches provided. This will give you a little more flexibility to move around while floating, without coming into contact with the sides of the chamber. The larger size also allows for the inclusion of a step. This platform means that you can exit the tank and allow any accumulated water to drip away, before you step out onto the floor of the room your tank is in. It might be a small detail, but it is a very practical feature that gives this tank an edge of the Zen Float Tank.

This float tank weights more than the tent, but it has a similar water capacity of approximately 200 gallons. This provides you with a comparable floating depth of around 10 inches, which is more than enough for everyday floating requirements. The big advantage this tank has in terms of dimensions is a greater internal capacity above the water. This means you will have to stoop less when getting in and out of the tank chamber.

The water filtration and heating systems are the same here as what you will find with the Zen Float Tank. Heating pads are once again distributed evenly, providing effective heating of the water within the tank. The water filtration system is equally powerful, ensuring a hygienic floating environment. Another great feature of the Zen Float Tank is that it uses the same voltage as its smaller tent alternative, making it an energy-efficient floatation solution.


Key Advantages of the Zen Float Tank

If the Zen Float Tank is an affordable investment, you will enjoy significant advancements and benefits over the Zen Float Tent. For one, the Zen Float Tank is far easier to assemble. The inflatable design means the basic structure can be assembled in as little as 20 minutes. Once you have inflated the tank, you will then have to fill it with water and add Epsom salts. As with the tent, the total time between filling your tank and having it ready for floating can take between 24 and 48 hours. While the waiting time may be similar, the speedy inflation process gives this tank an advantage as far as portability is concerned. Should you ever wish to move the tank between rooms, you can deflate in no time and reflate quickly in your new chosen location.

If you are worried about damage and durability, the Zen Float Tank offers a far more reassuring design than the Zen Float Tent. The bare bones of the design are much the same, with a stainless steel frame and vinyl covering providing you with a floatation enclosure. However, the puncture-resistant double stitch material is nigh on indestructible.

This is also a very efficient choice of float tank. The overall design and layered construction of the tank means it will provide you with far better insulation, keeping the water inside at a suitable temperature without constant reheating. If you want a float tank that will not send your energy bills through the ceiling, the Zen Float Tank is a suitable investment.



– Incredibly straightforward assembly
– Inflates in only 20 minutes
– Very durable drop stitch construction
– Impressive soundproofing and insulation
– Energy-efficient choice
– Spacious interior will accommodate every user
– Sleek and stylish exterior
– Advanced safety features


– Far more expensive than the Zen Float Tent
– You will need to purchase water testing and maintenance essentials separately
– No Epsom salt bundle deals available
– Requires more room than the Zen Float Tent


If you are looking for a more conventional flotation tank design, the Zen Float Tank is definitely something to consider. Although it offers far more advanced features than the Zen Float Tank, it builds upon the convenient design and user-friendliness of that system to provide you with something that can be installed easily in the home. The Zen Float Tank is incredibly easy to set up, with inflation taking as little as 20 minutes. Despite a relatively compact design, t least compared to tanks you might find at float centres, the Zen Float Tank is also very durable. This is all thanks to drop stitch technology that ensures once it is inflated, there is very little chance of this tank becoming damaged. Unlike the Zen Float Tent, this tank will provide you with exceptional soundproofing and insulation. You will not have to worry about wearing earplugs or headphones with this system.

The Zen Float Tank will also please those looking to save money on upkeep and operational costs. The energy-efficient design means you will not need to spend a small fortune on keeping the tank water at a suitable temperature. The ample proportions also allow for more comfortable floating. The Zen Float Tent is admittedly large enough for users of most heights, but here, you are free to move around a little more freely. The exterior design of this float tank will also satisfy those looking for a sleeker, more elegant addition to their relaxation rooms. The contemporary exterior will complement modern interiors, rather than impose upon them.

While there is plenty to entice here, there are significant drawbacks to the Zen Float Tank. Those looking for a very affordable home flotation system may be put off by the substantial price of this system. It is by no means the priciest option out there, but it will still require a significant upfront investment. Depending on your location, you are also limited when it comes to package deals. Unless you live in the contiguous United States, you will not be able to purchase the more cost-effective ‘Float Ready’ bundle. However, if you have put aside enough money and are confident you will make full use of it, the Zen Float Tank will pay for itself in a few years.


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