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Zen Float Tent | Reviews & Buyer’s Guide 2022

Up until very recently, home flotation tanks were the reserve of the wealthy. Even the most modest flotation tank system would have set you back five figures as a minimum, without taking into account additional costs and the price of maintaining the tank. All that changed, however, with the release of the Zen Float Tent. First unveiled in 2014, this innovative system brought all of the key benefits of flotation therapy to the masses at a very affordable price.

The Zen Float Tent strips down the sensory deprivation tank tot he bare bones, providing a workable home flotation solution that can be incorporated into any space. This flotation tent can be used in the smallest of spare rooms, with no real restrictions on where you can install one. However, there are some limitations to the design that need to be taken into account if you are interested in investing in one, especially if you are more familiar with conventional flotation tanks.


Design Details

If you have never encountered a Zen Float Tent before, the design might surprise you. Compared to other tanks, the setup here is stripped back and minimal. The basic design of the Zen Float Tent includes two distinct components. Firstly, you have the flotation tub itself which is to be filled with water and Epsom salt. Then there is the tent enclosure itself. A steel frame forms the skeleton of this system, providing the canvas shell with a surprising amount of stability. The tent is inclined, providing you with a large entrance for easy access to the interior. The steel frame is not only robust and stable, it is non-corrosive to ensure maximum durability and longevity. The canvas shell which makes up the tub liner and tent is also incredibly hardy, with a double-layered construction that is completely waterproof. Finally, a lightproof vinyl layer provides an extra degree of waterproofing.

The slanted incline of this tent not only makes it a space-saving option, it also minimises the amount of condensation that builds up on the ceiling of the interior. This prevents water from dripping down onto you while you float. This not only makes using the tent more comfortable, it also allows you to enter into a more relaxed state. If you are interested in sensory deprivation applications and meditative benefits, condensation is definitely something you want to avoid.

The triangular entrance flap can be sealed shut via a zipper. This not only prevents moisture from escaping out into the surrounding room, it also prevents any light from penetrating into the tent. The interior material of the tent is black itself, which further ensures the internal environment of the tent remains pitch black at all times. Considering the minimal design of this flotation tent, not to mention to the presence of a door flap and ventilation holes, it is amazing that such darkness can be achieved.

The door flap provides easy access to the interior of the tent for every user. The Zen Float Tent will also accommodate users of most sizes. The tub itself measures 7.5 feet in length, with a width of 3.5 feet. This will comfortably accommodate almost any floater. Despite its discreet build, this flotation tent can hold a surprising amount of water. The tub can hold around 200 gallons of water at a time, which equates to a depth of around 10 inches. This is more than ample for everyday flotation requirements.

Unlike more substantial flotation systems, the Zen Float Tent does not include an integrated plumbing system. However, it does include an integrated UV filtration system, as well as a heating control system. The radiant heating system is particularly impressive for such an affordable flotation tank, with heating pads strategically positioned throughout the tank. This will provide you with very effective heating performance to ensure you are always floating a temperature that works for you.

What’s Included?

The Zen Float Tent comes in a variety of models, depending on where in the world you are ordering to. All systems include the base frame and canvas enclosure itself, along with a mechanical UV filtration system. The radiant heating control system is also included as a standard feature. Other useful features include D-rings for housing water bottles and towels.

Other useful items include an inline carbon filter, as well as a hydrometer. A stockpile of pH testing strips and pH Up and Down is also included. To compensate for the lack of soundproofing provided by this flotation tent, you will also find a pair of earplugs, as well as underwater headphones included that you can put to good use. Although you will ultimately have to purchase additional water testing and treatment essentials, having the basic provided along with the main package will save you a small premium on your initial purchase. If you are looking to make as much of a saving as possible, you might also want to think about purchasing a Zen Float Tent package that includes a quantity of Epsom salt.


Easy Installation

Assembling the Zen Float Tent is very simple. To begin, simply assemble the tank and tent in accordance with the included instruction manual. Provided you to follow the instructions correctly, assembly should take no more than an hour. Once that is done, you can fill the tub with water and Epsom salt to produce a floating solution. You will then have to wait for some time to allow the water and salt solution to warm up to a suitable temperature. This can take anywhere from 24 to 48 hours. Once the water has reached body temperature levels, your tent is good to go and you are ready to float.


– Lightweight design with the potential for portability
– Simple assembly and disassembly
– Very affordable option for those looking to experience home flotation
– Relatively inexpensive to maintain and operate
– Parts and system warranties provide you with peace of mind


– Tent enclosure is not soundproof
– Not as durable as other flotation systems on the market
– Some Zen Float Tent models do not include all necessary features and items


If you are looking to experience the benefits of flotation therapy at home, the Zen Float Tent is worth thinking about. The Zen Float Tent is definitely one of the most affordable flotation systems out there, coming in at a fraction of the cost of other models. The Zen Float Tent will also appeal to those looking for a simple and user-friendly flotation solution. This flotation tent is easy to install yourself, allowing you to start filling and floating in no time. It is also relatively easy to maintain. Even if you have no experience with home flotation systems, maintenance and upkeep of the Zen Float Tank is fairly straightforward. Compared to other options, the Zen Float Tank is also fairly cheap to run. While you will still have to fork out for the usual stockpile of Epsom salt, water testing equipment and maintenance essentials, the only other significant cost you will have to bear in mind is the energy costs of powering your flotation tent. Weighed against other flotation systems, this cost is relatively minor. If you are currently paying for a membership fee or one-time admissions at a float centre, purchasing in a Zen Float Tank will prove a cost-effective solution in the long run.

However, there are some drawbacks to the Zen Float Tent. Although the minimal design of this flotation tent make it a good option for those without much interior space, the downside is that you compromise on soundproofing. The thin walls of the tent do a good job at eliminating external light, but they do little to muffle external sounds. If you are looking to enjoy sensory deprivation, this is a significant issue. However, you can compensate for this by using earplugs. You may also find the more delicate build of this tent a problem if you are used to more solid tanks and pods.


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